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Kimera Systems

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An artificial general intelligence (AGI) company based out of Portland, Oregon, Kimera Systems is a longstanding client of Tribe Media.

In 2016, Tribe Media helped Kimera with it’s brand, design, and communications strategy – developing marketing collaterals, online presences, and literature to be used to court international tier 1 & 2 telecommunications corporations and venture capitalists.

Tribe Media also assisted in the positioning, design & development of various tradeshow materials, content, and information.

In 2018, Kimera Systems integrated blockchain into it’s AGI technology – incorporating various economic & social models, and decentralized characteristics into their system. This resulted in a massive pivot, switching from telecom providers to a cryptocurrency based audience.

The blockchain / crypto world was gaining momentum, and as such, was started to be increasingly populated with scammers. This, along with Kimera’s claim to having an AGI solution, required a marketing campaign that educated customers on AGI, built credibility & thought-leadership, and most importantly, developed audience trust for financial investing through an ICO model.

Tribe Media developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy involving:
* A new messaging strategy tuned to the new audience
* A docu-web series that showcased Kimera’s journey,
* Various marketing & communications collaterals that explained Kimera, and it’s AGI technology.

Tribe Media also managed all ICO marketing activities, ambassador programs, and outgoing communications to general public audiences through emails, social media, telegram, and websites.

In addition, Tribe Media also assisted Kimera’s event management, helping with pitch presentations, positioning and coaching.

By working with Tribe, Kimera raised it’s digital presence hitting several key performance indicators (KPIs):
* Facebook – Following of 6.2k from 1.7k: averaging 150+ likes per post, and 40 -50% post share rates.
* Telegram – Following of 8500+ from 24: Followers were consistently engaged in a 24/7 discussion – one which was moderated by the Tribe Team.
* Ambassador Program: 4000 ICO brand ambassadors.

As cryptocurrency and financial services paid promotions were banned by social media companies and PPC providers, these KPIs were reached organically.

Watch the video to understand how we built Kimera’s Information Infrastructure:

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