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Our Story – Tribe Media House
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Who We Are

Tribe Media House is a full-service marketing agency dedicated to your success. We are selective about which clients we work with, because we are more than just a marketing agency. When you become our client, we make you part of our tribe. We will do whatever it takes to make you successful.

Tribe Media is at the forefront of innovative digital marketing techniques.
We’re more than just a marketing company –
we are a tribe.

Our Clients

Our Specialties

We build communities around your brand. When you have an audience that believes in your product, amazing things can happen. By building a sense of kinship, you’ll ultimately see better ROI and happier customers.


We build strategies that help you figure out how to reach your short and long term goals with build checklists for infrastructure, distribution and content generation models.


Strong identities cut through the noise, blasting a path for engaging storytelling, unique content and phenomenal audience discovery, consumption and engagement.

Web & Social

Successful digital marketing requires more than just a minimal digital presence. Your digital infrastructure is the epicenter of all your marketing, communications and content efforts.

Video Campaigns

Video has proven to have the highest reach & engagement amongst viewers across all industries. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video series worth?

Content Generation

In today’s world it’s the storytellers that build audiences. If unique content engages viewers, interconnected content multiplies targeted, channel-specific audiences.


Your audience is your data. We use your audience consumption data to deliver highly targeted call-to-actions and lead-ins to those who want it.


We live and breathe by a set of ethos that exemplifies the current era of digital marketing.

  • Simplicity, the Key to Sustainability
    The best solutions are those that can be explained in a sentence.
  • Communicate, don’t Decorate
    Materials that infuse art and information is those that instill top-of-the-mind awareness.
  • Infrastructure, not Collaterals
    The best collaterals are those that serve multiple purposes.
  • Work S.M.A.R.T., not Hard
    Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are vital to gauging effectiveness.

Meet Our Tribe


Co-Founder and CEO

As the Co-founder & CEO of Tribe Media, Faris works with various businesses, NPOS and organizations to help solve marketing & communications problems using strong, scalable and sustainable marketing strategies that sit at the forefront of the digital marketing world.


Co-Founder and Creative Director

Zikria Haqiqi has over a decade of experience in digital & print design and video production. He is a creative thinker who focuses on minimalism & communication, not decoration. He manages the creative and art aspects of Tribe Media.


Chief Operations Officer

Josh Watson is the Chief Operations Officer at Tribe Media House in Portland, OR. He has over a decade of experience in marketing and video production. He has built several successful companies and has won many awards, including an award from the Discovery Channel for a video in theoretical physics. Josh believes in combining tried-and-true, traditional marketing with forward-thinking techniques. He believes in thinking outside the box and enjoys taking on challenging projects.


Director of  Video Production 

Jordyn Roach is a digital storyteller who utilizes the art of cinematography to paint motion narratives. Her film education in Central Europe prepared her for finding the visual heart of a story in content ranging from scripted television shows in LA to run-and-gun documentaries in the Highlands of Scotland. She believes that the worth of cinema, both in its consumption and creation, lies in its power to engender sympathy for those with whom we share this small blue dot.


Director of Sales and Marketing

Sarah Scott is a born and raised marketing specialist. She loves marketing because she gets to tie her love for psychology and business together. With over ten years experience she has been able to grow with technology and watch how technology influences the marketing industry. She’s proud to have contributed to the marketing efforts of numerous companies throughout the West Coast and looks forward to what the future may bring as she strives to achieve her goal of helping others succeed.

Our History

Started in 2014, we were digital nomads that started with a series of Skype calls, Starbucks meetings and inordinate amounts of coffee. A year later, with on-the-job training, we expanded our skill sets, thereby expanding our core services.

Three years later, we’re working out of a central downtown Portland office. We have built long-standing relationships with our clients, servicing every one of their marketing & communications needs.

Now, we’re looking at how to keep up with the changing times. We’re shifting our focus towards helping ICOs build their brand and connect with their audiences, though we’ll always be able to help any clients who are in search of a marketing company.

And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow that might just be you.

Our Story

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