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Tensegrity Physical Therapy

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A local, family-owned physical therapy clinic in Eugene Oregon, Tensegrity Physical Therapy has been rehabilitating patients for the past 15 years.

Unlike other physical therapy clinics, Tensegrity’s research-driven, data-centric approach has lead to various unique patient care philosophies, numerous published research papers & articles.

Tensegrity was looking to renovate its brand and online presence, one that showcased its affinity for technology while being focused on the patient experience.

In the process they wanted a system that would:

  1. Grow with them in the future as they released new research papers and other media content.
  2. Be easily editable by staff members without knowing a line of code.
  3. Set the stage for a brand messaging structure that they could follow.

Towards the end of Q3 of 2018, Tribe Media began a comprehensive, digital infrastructure overhaul consisting of a new messaging & positioning strategy complete with a new website concept, video pieces, and an enhanced patient portal with reference videos and articles.

Story Driven Video Content & Extended Video Library

In Q4 of 2018, we produced over 50 different videos ranging from testimonials, processes, and equipment videos in 4K to short bite-sized exercise videos that patients could use as reference materials while outside the Tensegrity facility.

A lot of unused video content shot was later repurposed for website imagery, Facebook & Instagram content.

Experience-Driven Website – Designed to Grow

Concurrently, Tribe also mocked up, designed, and developed a cutting edge website complete with custom animations, 9 custom post types, and hierarchical navigation structure. 5 pages or 5000 pages, it’s capable of holding unlimited content without breaking the user navigation experience, website design style or animations!

Customization was key: The website was built around their processes both in and out the practice.

For the tech junkies: 2.3 second first load time (including a video background), with animations/artwork being computed via GPU (if available). Structurally semantic for SEO. Gutenberg compatible, but disabled. Cross compatible till IE6 (2001).

Here are two out of several of artwork animations developed for the site:

A quick note on… Branding!

In most case studies, Branding usually comes first! Tensegrity Physical Therapy was very attached to their Brand visuals – after 15 years, Change was scary.

However, as we pushed forward developing their website and videos – they quickly realized their branding had to be updated to keep up with the times.

After numerous design rounds, here’s the final product:



Social Content for the Year

One of the benefits of hiring a video focused marketing agency is that their content can create content!

We took all the raw footage we produced and converted them into over 300 custom images for use across their website and social.

A lot of this content will be dripped over the course of the year.

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